Mindset work : my offer

One-on-one sessions / 1h30 / 80 €

1h30 with me, most probably online through Zoom, to find out about your fears, blocks, limiting beliefs ; release them ; and download for you a nice new set of supportive beliefs, qualities and virtues. Come with your current issue, go back expanded and downloaded with all the lessons you’ve been learning thanks to it ! A nice and efficient way to get faster where you want to go and achieve what you dream about !

Group sessions [coming soon] : 5 hours through 5 days, of tailor-made clearings and downloads

Join other Warmhearted Humans of Business just like you in an online community on Facebook, get tailor-made downloads meant to help you and others with your common current issues, keep expanding and growing together and discuss it all and even more with the other members of the group ! Clear what doesn’t support you anymore, get a new boosted mindset instead !