Why WarmHearted Humans of Business

I help WarmHearted Humans of Business help others and change the world, by empowering their mindset and setting them free from their fears, blocks and limiting beliefs, using the #ThetaHealing technique.

Who are the WarmHearted Humans of Business ? I feel excited about working with the corporate people, the entrepreneurs, the ones who wish to go from corporate to freelance or start their own business, or vice-versa, and make that great life-changing idea of theirs come true ; to change the world for the better and help the community for the greater good. In a nutshell : the ones who are looking forward making their loving and meaningful professional dream come true.


I worked as an Administrative, Executive and even Technical Assistant for over 6 years total, in various fields such as IT (OpenCube Technologies and Intermec), Real Estate (Foncia), Magazine Publishing (Terran magazines), Communication & Advertising (Labwata), Aeronautics (the FAL of the A350, Airbus), Railway Network (Systra for SNCF), and even a bit of Construction (Lafarge) (and a bunch of other unrelated stuff such as landscaping !).

There, as a simple Assistant, I actually was in a very privileged position to listen, observe and learn. Obviously about the core-business ; but mostly about the human beings whom I was working with (that was actually my primary interest wherever I got to work through the years). Especially the Heads of companies and the Executives. Trying their best to put into practice what they had been taught in Business School or University, about how to handle best their career, their files, their clients, their bosses, their budget, their products, their crew… Hard-working, strong-willed, courageous people, who were trying hard to look like they knew, and were in control, because after all they were in charge ! but actually, discreetly, quietly, losing it and falling apart. Because they were human beings under A LOT of pressure. They were having doubts. They were having problems sleeping. They were lost and scared. They were tired. They also were sons and daughters, parents, friends, spouses to other people “out there”. They were full of unexpressed emotions and feelings. Oh, still putting a brave face on every morning ; and still willing to do their very best. Working long exhausting hours. Taking work back home. Doing more, and more, and even more.But they knew deep down that something wasn’t right, although they had done everything by the book and listened to skilled and experienced peers and mentors, their own parents and society of course, and worked countless hours.What wasn’t right, is that they weren’t living their truth in that job.For some of them, the core-work was what they had hoped for as kids, but the values and professional relationships weren’t. At all. But they were feeling so lucky they got to play with planes / trains / machine tools / blueprints / other, that they wouldn’t risk to lose it all in creating changes in their professional environment.For some of them, they actually wanted to do something different – like, very different, like “crazy and impossible to stand for in front of their spouses, parents, friends” different. So they would just shut up and cherish their impossible dream in secret.For some of them, they had lost touch for so long, with that part of us that dreams and desires and knows what really feels good and what doesn’t at all, that they just didn’t know why they kept waking up and coming to work on the morning 5 days a week. Well, yes, they knew : the bills and the mortgage, and the kids going to university someday.

Hear me : that can be an excellent purpose. IF it is REALLY your purpose. Otherwise, it’s just another “must do and let’s never discuss it again because it’s wrong, plus it is so painful”.But all of them seemed actually OK with this – well : resigned is the word ; and willing to stay in that job.

And I was always the one ending up packing my stuff and leaving, because as a hypersensitive and hyperperceptive person I could feel how bad they all were going, and I wasn’t happy either myself anyway. At that time I hadn’t figured yet, that I wasn’t actually meant to be an Administrative Assistant, although I was very good at it. Then I figured things out and it took me another bunch of years and meaningless jobs and burnouts and A LOT of personal work and therapy to overcome my limits, blocks, fears etc., and trainings in woo-woo healing techniques (means “spirituality and meditation and energy and stuff we can’t see or even really grasp and comprehend sometimes but it works I wonder how it’s weird though but let’s try it”) to finally DARE being who I am and do what I do. Well, in the end it had become a matter of life and death, really, so I HAD to. But let’s go back to that story.

So after I left the corporate world, to become my own boss, I thought I would never go back to it in any way or never even hear about it in my new profession.

But then I started to work with corporates and freelances (well, they started to come to me), who wanted to feel good at work, carry their projects further, expand their prospects, open their horizons… from earning more money to change careers or start a business and reach a new audience, or figure out what their purpose really was…. you name it. They were so kind, and motivated, and action and solution oriented ; and all their wishes, dreams, desires and projects were all about helping others ; it felt so good working with them, I figured : hey, that’s whom I want to work with !

So here I was, channelling healings for people who were virtually my past co-workers. But the two big differences were :

1- those people were willing to step up, make changes, grow greater and actually do the work.

2- I was able to help them like never before.

ThetaHealing is a fast and intuitive way of uncovering and releasing your fears, blocks, traumas and limiting beliefs ; and change them for empowering and supportive downloads to immediately shift your mindset and life for the best. From stuck to doing better and better to successful and happy and keeping expanding !

I am inspired by corporate people who dream, and have the skills, the experience, the network, to help others and change the world. My purpose is to help them by empowering their mindset and setting them free from their fears, blocks and limiting beliefs.

As an Administrative and Executive Assistant in the Corporate World, I wasn’t really able to make an actual positive and long-lasting difference to help my coworkers and bosses, help others and change the world for the best.

But as an intuitive energy healer, now I can, and I do.

Are you the next Warmhearted Human of Business I’ll help by empowering your mindset ?

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